I shall not die but live, and shall declare the works and recount the illustrious acts of the Lord

Psalm 118:17

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Dodie Osteen Testimonial – God healed her cancer

Amazing Christian Testimonies

Man has several testimonies about different healings

In 2000, I was lying on my bed praying.  I was reciting Matthew 7:7 where Jesus says "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you".  I was saying out loud "Lord, I'm asking, I'm seeking, I'm knocking" over and over.  Suddenly, I felt a swirling sensation around my feet, and it traveled up my legs to my chest.  I felt a "thump" in my chest.  Immediately I started crying, and praising the Lord automatically.   The praise was flowing so quickly and easily through my mind, that I realized that I was not doing it, but it was the Lord filling my mind and mouth with these praises.   I sat up, and I was beginning to speak in tongues.  As the power of God was so overwhelming, the Lord sensed that I was getting nervous, and the overwhelming feeling subsided.  I got off the bed, and I was weak from the power of God.  I remember thinking, "with this power of God living in us and around us, who can be afraid of anything in the world."  It was an amazing experience.  :))

In the mid 90's I had come home one evening from being at a friends house.  When I went to bed that evening, I felt as though there was a presence in my room so strongly that I hid myself under the covers for the entire night.  I knew that if I were to peak my head out from under the covers that I would see an angel, but I was too nervous to look.  The next morning I was going to an appointment.  I had been wavering in my mind if I should go or not.  I decided to go.  When I got downstairs to the ground floor of the building, I proceeded to cross the road.  I did not cross at a light, but was jaywalking.  I was in the middle of the road standing on the yellow line looking to my right to wait for oncoming traffic.  As I was looking right, there was a minivan pulling out of the mall across the street.  She was was turning left, but also looking to her right for oncoming traffic.  As I was standing there, from my peripheral vision, I saw the nose of the minivan approach my side. I was hit, and immediately I was airborne and tumbling.  I couldn't believe that I had been hit.  I came down, and hit the pavement straight on my "butt".  I was in the oncoming traffic lane.  I immediately heard the voice of the Lord say " You've bruised your tailbone."  As both lights at each side of the adjacent intersections were red, I proceeded to hobble off of the rod onto the sidewalk.  Once I got to the sidewalk, I heard the Lord's voice again say "And don't even think about suing".  Some passerby's had called an ambulance, and when I got to the hospital they had confirmed that I had indeed only bruised my tailbone.  The funny thing about this was that every single person that I told about this accident had encouraged me to sue.  I listened to the Lord,  and did not pursue any charges.  It is amazing because that intersection is always busy, and cars are always on either side of the road.  Thank you Lord for watching over me and protecting me that day, and all of my life!!   :))

In the early 2000's I had just come home from a busy stressful day of work.  I had parked my car, and proceeded to go to the elevators in the underground parking of my building.  There was an older man that lived in my building that was ahead of me.  Even though I was right behind him, he would go through each door making sure that only he would be able to get through, so that each door would slam in my face.  By the time we were at the elevators, I had decided in my mind that once we were in the elevator together, I was going to "sink my claws" verbally into this man.  As I was about to speak, I heard the voice of the Lord say "DO NOT SAY A WORD!".  His voice was so authoritative that it stopped me cold, and I kept me mouth shut.  The man got off the elevator, and I went home.  The next morning I was sleeping in.  I lived on the 25th floor of my building.  At about 9:00am as I was lying in bed, I heard a blood curdling scream, and then a loud "thump" that sounding like somebody might have possibly been hit by a car.  As I was in bed, I didn't get up to look,and something told me not to look as the view would be devastating, I decided to stay in bed.  The next day, I was in the elevator, and a woman got on saying "did you hear the news?'.  I said "no, what news?"  She told me that the older man (that had been slamming the doors in my face a few evenings ago) had jumped and committed suicide from the 24th floor.  I realized that he was the one who I heard scream, and hit the ground.  I am very thankful to this day that the Lord stopped me from saying anything to this man, and being rude.

In 2009, my dad had to have major surgery.  Complications from this surgery caused some major problems for my dad in the days following the surgery.  He had to remain in intensive care.  One morning as I was sleeping, the voice of the Lord woke me up.  He said "PRAY, PRAY NOW!".  I looked at the clock, and it was exactly 6:00am.  Without knowing what to pray, or why I was praying, the words just came out "Lord, please do not take him yet, he is not ready, please do not take him yet!".  Immediately I started to speak in tongues.  Once done, I went back to sleep.  This had happened on a Monday.  We had been to the hospital every day, but it was only on the Wednesday that a nurse said to us "We almost lost your dad on Monday." My sister and I were shocked because this was the first we were hearing of it.  She proceeded to say " your dad went into cardiac arrest at 6:00am on Monday, we thought we were going to lose him, but he came back."  I realized that that had been the precise time the Lord had woke me up to pray.  I thank the Lord for this miracle, and for not taking my dad before he was ready in Christ to go.  Thank you Lord!  🙂